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Fast Relief With An Online Appointment At ProSport Physiotherapy Using Just Your Mobile Phone

Receive Your Exercises In Your Inbox After Your Session For Continued Progress And Complete Peace Of Mind That You’re Doing Your Exercise Correctly
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You can now book online physio appointments with us and receive reassurance, quick relief and a bespoke treatment session from the comfort of your living room. Your therapist will then guide you through some simple yet powerful exercises that will also be emailed directly to your inbox straight after the session.
You don’t need anything other than a phone or laptop, we use both Skype and Zoom for easy video conferencing. Choose a time and date that suits you. Your therapists will call you on the day and send you an invite link to join the call effortlessly.
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Treating The Root Cause Of Pain

Pain is very often the symptom and not the true cause. We find true cause for you.

7 Step System

Used to treat athletes, we apply the same process to women and men of all ages for effective healing and recovery from pain.

Absolute Clarity

We won’t overwhelm you with medical terms. We will help you to understand clearly what is wrong and how we can help.

You Will Be Receiving All Your Exercises With Video Links So You Don’t Waste Time And Money Doing Them Wrong So You Can Get Back To The Things You Love Doing Quickly And Safely
Discover Exactly How We Are Going To Find The True Cause Of Your Pain And Make Sure It Does Not Come Back Again So You Don’t Waste Your Time, Money, Effort & Health

Our 7 Step System

Step 1
We listen to your story and put the pieces together to make sense of how and why the pain is affecting your life.
Step 2
We analyse your movement and determine the root cause of your pain.
Step 3
We explain our findings in the simplest way possible so that you can understand our suggested solution together with an honest opinion of how long it will take to resolve.
Step 4
We give you the required exercises and interventions to give you quick relief.
Step 5
We design a bespoke movement plan that is tailored to your body and lifestyle to make sure you can effectively treat the underlying issues.
Step 6
We email you all of the home rehabilitation plan with high quality instruction videos so that you can do the home exercise plan with confidence and continue to progress towards your end goals.
Step 7
We show you how to keep getting stronger so you never regress back to your previous physical pain.
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Discover How These People From Huddersfield Got Back To Lifting Their Grandkids Without Sharp Stabbing Pains, Playing Golf With Ease And Waking Up First Thing In The Morning Without Experiencing Stiffness Or Aches


Had 7 Years Of Back Pain


Had Chronic Sciatica & Back Pain


Had Shoulder Surgery


Had Knee Pain That Was Affecting Her Running

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